Watch Moment Lady Disgraces Slay Queen With Hot Slaps For Dating Her Father In Benin (Watch Video)

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The young lady was humiliated in the wake of being gone up against by a lady who blamed her for dating her dad in Benin city, Edo state. 

The woman and her companions held the charged side chick prisoner quickly in the Upper Sakponba region of the city while slapping and compromising her for purportedly dating the wedded man. 

In a moving video posted on the web, one of the women who attacked the charged courtesan distinguished as Mirabel can be heard saying that her dad sends cash to the side chick (Mirabel) as she blamed the woman for attempting to break her mother’s marriage. 

While making the charges, the denounced side chick was slapped on various occasions by the wronged woman and her companions as she was given a harsh admonition never to connect with the wedded sweetheart again.

video below.


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