[ ALBUM ] ÌSỌDỌ̀TUN By Shola Allyson – Getting ready to deliver her ninth Album call it ISODOTUN

isodotun by shola allyson
[ ALBUM ]  ÌSỌDỌ̀TUN By Shola Allyson

ÌSỌDỌ̀TUN By Shola Allyson – The Nigerian iconic and talented Yoruba gospel artist took to her Facebook page to announced her recent musical album tagged ISODOTUN  and a picture that was sent to her by one of her fans, she wrote; 



As I’m planning to deliver ISODOTUN, my ninth Album, somebody sent me this image of the tape of my first Album, EJI ÒWÚRỌ̀. Tape o, ayé alálùmọ́lẹ̀ tins! 

Obviously, every time, seeing these things makes me appreciative for my blessing, recall how far I’ve come, the difficulties I’ve been helped through, remaining in this light spot, and how wonderful my story has become, which is as yet being composed. 

In any case, I move! 

isodotun by shola allyson 

[ ALBUM ]  ÌSỌDỌ̀TUN By Shola Allyson
Shola Allyson – First Album

Up, better, more prominent, more brilliant, for the utilization of The Maker in commending HIMSELF and improving mankind the more! 

I’m thankful and respected to be utilized this way precisely, EXACTLY THIS WAY! I am respected! Appreciative! , Before it slips my mind, how could you tune in to Eji Òwúrọ̀? Tape or CD? 

(this will make us know we’re not a few people’s mates). ÌSỌDỌ̀TUN will altogether favor you, trust me! Kindly assistance me by sending great contemplations. Ẹ ṣé!😊 

#Yóòdáa! ❤️

we bring you  Isodotun By Shola Allyson


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