Fan Reactions: The Buzz Around Asake & H.E.R Remix

Asake & H.E.R Remix: Lonely at the Top

There have been lots of reactions to the recent remix and collaboration from Asake & H.E.R. Remix: Lonely at the Top fans have expressed their reactions, as we all know. Asake loves to give his fans good music with a vibe.

Check out the funny reactions and comments as fans express their thoughts on the remix.

From Youtube;


@ekenesamuel9004: That collaboration we never saw coming. They harmonize this smoothly

1 day ago
I just love HER to shreds. That outro from HER just melts me. Asake will be huge in the coming year.

1 day ago
H.E.R should be remixed again. Both of you can sing that chorus together and longer. The sky is not your limit guys. Well done.

From X;

𝑺 𝑵 𝑬 𝑯 ➐
Nov 15
Grammy winner and Grammy nominee What a remix. Straight Inbox 🔥🔥

Nov 15
The remix is fire. The OG can rest now



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