“IDRUFEM Expands Water Accessibility Project to Kogi Community in Illah-Bunu, Calls for Support for ADC Gubernatorial Candidate, Elder Leke Abejide.”


Reviving Hope and Alleviating Water Scarcity in Kabba-Bunu Communities

In a groundbreaking effort to address the longstanding water scarcity issues in Kabba-Bunu communities, Honorable Idris Rufus, known as IDRUFEM and a distinguished community developer, has launched an innovative initiative aimed at rehabilitating boreholes. This remarkable endeavor has already yielded significant results, bringing relief and hope to many residents who have struggled to access clean water.

One of the most noteworthy achievements of this water project is the rehabilitation of a borehole within the Olubunu palace grounds. Through this action, Honorable Rufus not only brought relief to the palace community but also demonstrated his unwavering commitment to enhancing the well-being of all residents, regardless of their social status.


Additionally, the rehabilitation of another borehole at the Illah-Bunu Market Square, located near the Oba’s palace, has substantially eased the water-related challenges faced by traders who rely on water for various activities, including food preparation and sanitation.

Furthermore, the revival of the central borehole in the heart of the Illah-Bunu community has garnered immense gratitude and appreciation from the local residents. One touching testimonial comes from an elderly man affectionately known as Babaeko, who commended Honorable Rufus IDRUFEM for his compassionate gesture in addressing the community’s dire water situation. Moved by this act of kindness, Babaeko offered fervent prayers for IDRUFEM, underscoring the critical need for clean water in the region.

Honorable Idris Rufus IDRUFEM has made an indelible impact on the Kabba-Bunu communities through his consistent commitment to community development initiatives. His outstanding efforts and dedication have earned the admiration and trust of the people, solidifying his role as a beacon of hope for the region.

When asked about the motivation behind these water projects, Honorable Rufus emphasized the significance of a supportive government. He passionately expressed his belief that, with the election of Elder Leke Abejide, the ADC Governorship candidate in the upcoming November 11 governorship election, he will have the opportunity to spearhead more development projects. IDRUFEM is confident in utilizing his connections within the state government to bring about substantial improvements, not only in water accessibility but also in other critical sectors.

The results of Honorable Idris Rufus IDRUFEM’s water project serve as tangible proof that a single individual, driven by compassion and dedication, can effect meaningful positive change. As the community rejoices in the restoration of clean and safe water sources, they stand united in their support for Honorable Idris Rufus (IDRUFEM) and Elder Leke Abejide, the ADC Governorship candidate, recognizing the transformative potential they hold for the region.


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