Iya Oshogbo retires from acting as she fulfills 90 years


Iya Oshogbo retires from acting as she fulfills 90 years

Iya Oshogbo retires from acting as she fulfills 90 years.


The legendary Yoruba actress Grace Oyin-Adejobi popularly known as Iya Osogbo will officially resign from acting when she clocks 90 on Sunday, August 23.

During an impression on a radio bulletin program on Space 90.1FM, Parrot Xtra Hour on Radio, hosted by Olayinka Agboola in Ibadan, Oyo State, Iya Osogbo said she started her acting profession some 67 years ago.

She pointed out that she had already made her name before she acted in the movie Eran Iya Osogbo adverse to beliefs.

The actress talked for the first time about the day an exciting fan almost run her car over here in Ibadan.
She said the occurrence has remained unforgettable in her memory.

“The fan finally came down from her car to let me know that she merely wanted to auction greetings with me. She later enveloped ten thousand nairas and chased me,” Iya Osogbo said.

She conveyed dissatisfaction over the near-nudity in Nollywood today, urging actresses not to be misled by the fun of the world but to believe they can achieve through hard work and the grace of God.

Iya Osogbo let out she met her late husband Oyin Adejobi in her youthful days. They accompanied the same school and lived on the exact street.

She said that apart from the death of her husband, the deepest point in her life was when her fourth child a female died.

“It took me a long time to regain from that occasion,” she said.
However, her happiest moment was when she gave birth to her first child a boy in 1954.

Iya Osogbo who starred prominently in creations like Orogun Adedigba, Kuye, Kootu Ashipa, and others said there would be no formal event to mark her 90th birthday.

“I got to attain this age because of God’s mercy. In expansion, the almighty also gave me the wisdom of protecting my body and being moderate in all I have been doing. Our youths should mimic this too. They should learn to be God-fearing too.

“All my suitors including friends and family members have agreed to postpone whatever plan they have to celebrate my 90th birthday because we must obey NCDC’s COVID-19 prevention rules,” she said.


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