“Thanks for being our Hero”, Twinz love celebrates their mother on Father’s Day



On Father’s Day, the comedy duo Twinz Love paid a heartfelt tribute to their mother, recognizing her unwavering dedication and love.


They shared a touching message on their social media, expressing deep gratitude for their mother’s incredible strength and her role as both a mother and father figure in their lives.

Twinz Love described their mother as their hero, emphasizing her tireless efforts in taking care of them.

They wrote, “Happy Father’s Day to my Mom and all the single moms out there who, for various reasons, had to work twice as hard. You deserve to be celebrated every day. You fought for us, stood by us alone, raised us alone – you’re a champion. …

You are the best parent a child could ever have, Mom. Fathers are heroes, and thanks for being our hero. Iya ibeji 👩‍👧‍👧 @princess_adeyinka_, we love you so much. Let’s face it, you’re the best dad.”


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