Why I sip cow Urine every day – Kumar Akshay



For those conversant with the Bollywood movies, Akshay Kumar is a very honorable and known face across the globe.


It would be very surprising to the younger eras, how on earth a living being would drink urine talk less of a cow. It sounds strange, right?

Politely, the Indian Bollywood master has disclosed he drinks the cow waste on daily basis.

According to analysis, it is widely acknowledged in some parts of the world that cow urine is very medicinal and it houses a lot of benefits to the human body.  Irrespective of the authentication of the study I wouldn’t take a sip of that. maybe you though.

The Agence France Presse, AFP noted that the veteran 53-year-old actor Kumar is evaluated as a loyal supporter of Hindu patriotic Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party, which has contributed millions of dollars for research into products using bovine waste to cure diseases like diabetes and cancer.

There is no detailed scientific evidence of any medicinal benefits, but several politicians from Modi’s right-wing ruling party have supported using the dung and urine to cure coronavirus.

The 53-year-old actor was nurturing his appearance on a show with British television adventurer Bear Grylls, in which they drink tea made from elephant dung in an Indian tiger reserve.

“I was too excited to be worried. I have cow urine because of ayurvedic reasons every day, so that was okay,” Kumar said on a social media live chat posted Thursday.


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