AI Chatbot Development using RASA from scratch


AI chatbots have been of great importance to many websites and company brands around the world.

AI Chatbot can be developed easily with RASA  without any insight or understanding in the IT field.

Assemble of chatbots to a website or any platform make your chatbot intelligent and get your work done faster even when you’re not around.

With the course below you will learn how:-

  • You develop your own AI chatbot and integrate into websites or apps.
  • Integrate your chatbot to an online server.

Course outline:-

Enlighten you how to build, intermix your chatbots – with the aid of the open-source framework  RASA and the power of AI.

Benefits of this course:

  • Learn to intermix your Chatbot in 20 mins into a website.
  • Realize the theory of each step for being able to create your new Chatbot.
  • Without any mastery requires, you will be able to build a proficient Chatbot using Python, Machine Learning, RASA …etc


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