#BBNaija: Big brother Naija Voice Meet the man behind (Video)


#BBNaija: Big brother Naija Voice Meet the man behind (Video)

The one who fastens Big Brother Naija‘s mouthpiece has been believed a mystery to a lot of Nigerians.


As Nigerians marvel who is really behind the ‘heavy’ conversation.

An outstanding Nigerian media identity and voice-over artist recognized as Ejike Ebedilo has now been disclosed to be the guy behind the sound of BBNaija , in a video published by Vanguard on Youtube.

In the video, the man was questioned and he spoke about his profession.

He indicated that he is a voice-over artist and the man behind the famous Big Brother.

The way he spoke and the sound of his voice entirely sounds like the voice we truly hear on our TV screen while watching the reality TV show.

Watch video below


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