“Come to our church and get husbands” Man wed 3 virgin girls the same day (video)

The Primitive Church, a Christian sect, married a man and his three wives simultaneously. The religion strongly supports polygamy and the right of males to have as many wives as they choose.
Nothing untoward about polygamy Afrimax English posted a popular YouTube video in which the church was seen marrying Byamungu Kanjira Prosper and the three women he brought to the altar. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, there is a church.
Prosper, the main celebrant of the day, claimed that a guy is not required to stick with only one wife and that he is free to take several.
Visit our church and acquire spouses. According to Prosper, there are far more women than males in the globe, and eventually there may be seven women marrying each man. He said that if women visited their church, they would find spouses. His wives are overjoyed and delighted to be Prosper’s spouses, they claim.
Video Below;


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