Do this daily to get ride of Nicotine from your body system

Addiction to smoking has lead to the risk of contracting fatal diseases through a higher rate of nicotine in the body system and also leads to lung destruction and poor respiratory system.

  Below are some natural ways to get rid of nicotine from your body.

Getting rid and learning how to stop;-  Giving up a long term addiction is very hard and could cause a great torture to widen the first day or week, especially when you are addicted, therefore you are better advised to limit and stay away gradually from smoking “ or cut back by half every few hours gradually.
Getting rid
Drink enough water:- Follow the daily water theraphy techniques to detoxified nicotine gradually through your urine “drink more water will increase urination. works best when you follow the first step.
Enough water

Eat good full meals:- From research smokers eat less food and also reduce their appetite, which increases the rate of nicotine in the body system.

Good meals
Regular exercise:- When you exercise, your body realizes chemicals called endorphins, and these chemicals limit the perception of pain and include a happy feeling.

Avoid sugar and alcohol:- These two can trigger smokers to light up and crave more, which may increase the rate of addiction.


Eat fresh vegetables:- Smoking could destroy your digestive system, so you need rich vegetables with good fibers for example Cabbage, Garden Cress, and other leafy greens.


Sleep well:- Good sleep aids natural growth and good health for the nicotine detoxification process.



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