Dr. IDRUFEM, a dedicated advocate for Hon. Leke Abejide’s gubernatorial campaign, recently revitalized a borehole at Olubunu Palace, demonstrating a remarkable commitment to community service and actively rallying support for Hon. Leke Abejide, the ADC Governorship Candidate.


Dr. IDRUFEM, a celebrated philanthropist and civic-minded individual, has successfully restored the long-neglected borehole at the prestigious Olubunu Palace, home to His Royal Majesty, Oba Ikusemoro Jp, in Olle Bunu.

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According to Dr. IDRUFEM, the essence of the ADC is to lend a helping hand to our fellow citizens and foster the development of our communities. This very principle is what Hon. Leke Abejide epitomizes. He has consistently exemplified this commitment even before entering public office, extending his efforts beyond his Federal Constituency as a House of Representatives member to benefit more people and communities. If elected as the Governor of the State in the upcoming November 11 elections, he is poised to continue this work of positive transformation throughout the entire State.

Dr IDRUFEM, known for his unwavering dedication to improving the welfare of his community, has undertaken numerous initiatives aimed at uplifting the standard of living in Olle Bunu. The rehabilitation of the Olubunu Palace borehole is merely one of the many commendable projects he has spearheaded to provide essential amenities to the people of his communities.

The Olubunu Palace borehole, a vital source of water supply for the residents of the Olle in Bunu Kingdom, had experienced chronic breakdowns and depletion, causing great inconvenience and hardships for the inhabitants. Following a recent visit of Hon. Leke Abejide to the palace, he was quick to recognize the need for urgent attention to this matter, thereby his team through Dr IDRUFEM took the initiative to personally ensure that the borehole was restored to its full functionality.

Dr IDRUFEM assures Bunu people that more and bigger projects, empowerment, and community development opportunities will come to Bunu land if we support Hon. Leke Abejide, the governorship candidate of the African Democratic Congress (ADC), in the upcoming November 11 elections. Through this endorsement plea, Dr IDRUFEM seeks to align his community-driven ideologies with the visionary leadership that Hon. Leke Abejide represents, in hopes of yielding greater positive changes for the state at large.

As the November 11 governorship election approaches, the inspiring actions of ADC have not only restored a vital water source but have garnered the attention and admiration of the community for remarkable community initiatives.

As this captivating tale of civic triumph unfolds, the unity between Hon. Leke Abejide and Bunu people holds immense potential for transformation and progress in the days to come.


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