Everyone Needs A Man – Janemena


Janemena, a popular dancer, has slammed Nollywood star Tonto Dikeh.

This comes only days after a fan suggested Tonto Dikeh remarry, and she responded by saying she doesn’t want to settle down.
Tonto claims that her goal is to get wealthier so that she may pay men for their services when they are required.
Janemena took to her Instagram stories a few days after Tonto Dikeh made this claim to give some strange comments.
The twerker mentioned in the initial post that every woman requires a guy and that it is either one or the other.
Janemena also criticized women who troll other women by labeling them as prostitutes in a follow-up article. Some of these ladies, she claims, want to be in the same degree of prostitution as the lady(ies) they’re trolling.
Tonto Dikeh once referred to Janemena as an unfaithful twerker who sleeps with men even though she is married.


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