Facebook Acquires GIF Search Engine Giphy For $400 Million


Facebook, has obtained the GIF search engine Giphy. As noted by Axios, Facebook spent $400 million to buy Giphy. The organization has said that in the future, it plans to incorporate Giphy with Instagram.
Before a lot of Instagram users use GIFs in their tales and chats, Facebook said that incorporating Giphy with Instagram will help those users find the best way to convey their emotions.


Giphy is an inspection engine that allows users to search and share GIFs. Besides, Giphy also comes incorporated with famous apps like Twitter and Slack. Apple’s iMessage also features a lot of Gifs from Giphy.

Benefits of Giphy Acquisition  For Facebook?

Facebook officials certainly said that users would still be able to upload GIFs on Giphy despite the accession. The same goes for API partners of the app who will also get the same licenses. In fact, Facebook looks forward to strengthening the technicals aspects of Giphy.
Another benefit of Giphy obtainment is that now Facebook can have a lurker and peek over its messaging app opponents in the market who use Giphy. Facebook can extract data like how often people are using Giphy in other apps like TikTok, Twitter, iMessage, and Slack, and how they use it.
Such understandings are valuable to Facebook which focuses on improving its massaging apps and social media platforms. However, it is not clear as of now whether Giphy will be extracted from other platforms and become an Instagram exclusive.
But it makes sense for Facebook to not remove Giphy integration from other apps as it is going to help Facebook in the long run.


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