“If stories can be wiped off and rewritten, I will clear off all my wrongs” – Actor Sanyeri say as he celebrates his wife



Olaniyi Afonja, popularly known as Sanyeri, a Nigerian actor and comedian, has
taken to social media to wish his wife a happy birthday.


Sanyeri expressed his love for his wife in an Instagram post and stated that
if given the chance to start over, he would rewrite his mistakes.

He wrote, “Omolarami, the treasure I seek with every bit of my breath. If
stories can be wiped off and rewritten, I will clear off all my wrongs in the
past and write your name permanently on every star I can lay my hand on, so
that the world can know how important you are to me.

Omolarami, I found my life’s true meaning since the day you married me. You
fill my heart, soul, and body with so much peace and joy. You are beautiful,
adorable, elegant, stunning, vibrant, hardworking, motivating, supportive, and

What else would I have asked for in a woman? When counting my blessings, I
count you multiple times because you light up my world and I’m the luckiest
man on the planet Earth to have you as my wife.

Thank you for being my wife, sister, confidante, prayer warrior, adviser,
motivator, and our (my children’s and mine) mother.

You’re one of Africa’s most cherished women, which is why I refer to you as my
rare gem.

Today, and every day of our lives, I celebrate you. I adore you and treasure
every conversation, time, thing, and moment we share.

“Happy birthday, honey; I promise to love you until the day I die, maami.”

Fans and colleagues of the actor have taken to the comments section to join
the couple in celebrating and wishing Hawawu a happy birthday.


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