I’ll Keep The Baby – Lady Who Had Affair With Married Gospel Singer, Sammie Okposo Speaks (video)



African Doll, the woman who laid down with gospel artist, Sammie Okposo has
shared her own story.


She opened up in a meeting on Obodo Oyibo TV that their issue went on for a
long time and they had s3x a few times without security.

African Doll who neither conceded nor denied realizing that the gospel
vocalist is hitched, said she was overpowered by being within the sight of a
VIP she had been paying attention to.

Asides from describing how Sammie Okposo contacted her each opportunity he
came to the United States, screen captures of their visits were shown at spans
during the meeting.

Taking note of that she was able to conceal for the vocalist, she said their
issue started after she informed him that she was pregnant. She said Sammie
Okposo told her “she knows what to do,” which was to get a fetus removal.

African Doll expressed that after she let the artist know that she can’t
require some investment, he erupted, affronted her, and blamed her for
attempting to spread his standing.

African Doll who likewise blamed Sammie Okposo for attempting to scare her,
conceded that how they treated them wrong and she has assumed liability for

She further claimed that Sammie Okposo told her that nobody will accept her
and that he has attorneys in Nigeria and US to do battle with him.

Keeping up with that she’s not asking him for cash, she added that all she’s
been requesting is that he approaches her with deference.

African Doll likewise uncovered during the meeting that she will keep the
child. When inquired as to whether she will keep the child, the frank woman

“I will keep the child, I don’t actually have confidence in fetus removals.
Sex is wrongdoing. The holy book says he who is without transgression should
hurry to pass judgment. It isn’t my expectation to hurt anyone yet to carry
life to the circumstance”

Watch the video beneath:


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