Lady Shares Survival Story Of What Occurred First Time She Slept with Her Boyfriend


Shared by a female Nigerian  Facebook User, Peace Kesi Ek.

“This should be 2014. I was still tearing eye small… I went to see my boyfriend in Owerri, it will be the first time we are spending the night together.

” Ater clubbing with his friends, we entered our room, gisting till 5 am, one talk to another we started making love. 

” Everything was smooth and sweet till he asked me to turn for doggy, uncle told me to hold the bed because it was doing wiki, I was forming arc age, that’s how he hit me this thing, I nack head for the wall, for a minute all could hear was Echo. 

” When I regained myself I just wore my pant and told him l want to go home He was asking what he will do with the hard thing. Stanley use it and open your door I want to go” 

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