Lovely Message From Bimpe: I started the year 2021 as MISS OYEBADE and I ended the year as MRS ADEDIMEJI



Let’s ignore the fact that Mr. A has my bouquet in this pic 🤦‍♀️🤣 Let’s talk about 2021, shall we?


The plan was always to be happy, to do me regardless and live above inhibitions but I wasn’t prepared for the twist, I prayed for the rain and then I saw a hurricane, I prayed for the sun and before I knew it, there was a wild fire, Omo I didn’t even know what to believe😀

So there was All my life and that one time, there were people’s projects and trust me to give my all, there were stories on blogs and I didn’t even know how to react, but I started the year 2021 as MISS OYEBADE and I ended the year as MRS ADEDIMEJI … believe me I didn’t see that coming.

Sometime in MARCH, it became more clearer to me that my best friend wanted more, dude was relentless, he knew what he wanted and as childish as I was, he was patient, it was a brainer, I gave love a chance and today I’m happy for it…

Yo @adedimejilateef , I love you today and a day after forever, you’re the real definition of skin-deep happiness and I promise to be your girl everyday and three times on Sundays, thank you for everything ESPECIALLY FOR ALWAYS MAKING ME LAUGH FOOLISHLY  I’m glad we’re locked together forever.

Hello, 2022, I’m ready, I’m married but I’m also gingered to be the best version of me, I have my husband as my number one fan, I’m ready for the grind…

To my @adebimpe.armies_ , Thanks for always supporting. You’re now fans of the Adedimejis, I’m fired up to make you happy more than ever… your girl is ready, are you?

Thank you 2021… welcome 2022… let’s do this!



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