M.livestockdevelop.com Is Livestock Develop A Scam Or A Legitimate Business?


Review of m.livestockdevelop.com

The task and earn website m.livestockdevelop.com, also known as the livestockdevelop platform, was introduced in September 2023 and advertised itself as an agricultural program that allowed users to invest in and make money from livestock and agricultural programs. How reliable is the Livestockdevelop platform? Is it a scam or is it real?

The Operation of Livestockdevelop.com

Due to the way it has been run and managed, the platform is purely a Ponzi scheme. They also claimed the source of their profits comes from Ranched operating income dividend, product sales bonus, platform operating subsidiarity, and partnership with a group called “Clover Pastures,” founded by Mr. Mercky on July 1, 2013, with a vision of Agricultural development.


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The free plan from the first VIP0 area on the web page called “quail” also allows you to generate money without investment; this is one of the amazing things I found regarding livestock development. The list of products is below;

livestockdevelop.com Plans for Investment Quota Total Profit Day Profit Price

  1. Quail 0.00 / 1 99.99% 20.40 / 50 Days
  2. Bresse Chicken 204.00 20 Days 0 / 1 163.20% 2500.00
  3. Drang Goose 1 / 3 202.80% 202.80 50 Days
    Drang Goose 0/5 326.07% 813.84 55 Days 1980.00
  4. Boolean Goat 1 0 3 258.05% 150.52 60 Days 35000.00
    Boolean Goat 0 / 5 286.47% / 6082.08 / 65 Days / 138000.00
    1 0 / 1
  5. Holstein Cattle 10533.60 70 Days 230000.00
    Holstein Cattle 5.0/1.0 382.43% 40792.32/75 Days 800000.00

You can submit an application for withdrawals related to livestock development from Monday through Sunday, 24 hours a day. Bank reviews are conducted from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The smallest withdrawal is 1000 NGN and the withdrawal tax of 10%.

Instructions for Joining LivestockDevelop

Use the registration link on the official website to access it, or go to m.livestockdevelop.com to get started.

  1. Type your phone number in the space provided.
  2. Password
  3. M.livestockdevelop.com withdrawal password
  4. Reference number: 9f04c95a
  5. Otp

Logging In

Visit the webpage: Enter the following URL: https://m.livestockdevelop.com/#/pages/login/ login into the address bar at the top of your browser. How to get to the login page You will be taken to the website’s login page. Look for a “Login” or “Sign In” link on the website’s home page and click it if you aren’t already on the login page.

Legit or a Scam

As I mentioned earlier, livestockdevelop.com is a Ponzi scheme platform run by unidentified individuals with little information about their official addresses, contact information, and identities, which is not publicly displayed on their platform. As a result, I can’t guarantee you 100% as my review will only explain how this platform functions; if you have any relevant information or suggestions, please leave a comment below, as it will help both my review and my readers.

Disclaimer: This review is mainly for the purpose of explaining how m.livestockdevelop.com works. It does not give financial advise or advocate for certain activities. Before making any financial decisions, always undertake study and get professional counsel. It is your job to make decisions and take risks.



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