Man Who Was Chased Out of School Because of His Yoruba Proverbs Finds Help, Nigerians Sponsor Kid’s Education

The Nigerian dad who has been struggling to survive, Oriogbade, has enrolled his daughter in school. When a video of Oriogbade demonstrating his mastery of Yoruba proverbs caught people’s attention, he quickly gained internet fame.
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Many Nigerians were happy to see the child in a private school after having to stay at home owing to financial constraints.
Remember the Yoruba famous saying Nigerian man named Oriogbade who was the subject of a wonderful video interview by Ayo Adams? The man’s life has improved. The man previously stated that he did not have enough money to send his child to school. He assured the youngster that their lives would not be spent in abject poverty.
The daughter of Oriogbade went back to school. Not only has luck been kind to Oriogbade, but also to his child. On September 19, Ayo Adams stated the child had been enrolled in a private school in a picture he published.
Nigerians are good people.


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