Nigerian Job Seeker Says As He Weds His Pretty Recruiter, He Posts Their Chats On The Internet


Love may strike at any time, and for a Nigerian man, it struck while he was looking for work. Ademola Bhadmus, a happy man, took to Twitter to commemorate the two-year anniversary of how he ‘went looking for job’ but ‘left with the boss herself.’

Ademola, then a job seeker, had reached out to a recruiter named Miriam Abubakar on LinkedIn for a job, as evidenced by their May 26 chat. 

He had told her that he was obtaining jobs, but he didn’t take them since the pay was insufficient. Miriam had inquired about his compensation requirements and offered to contact him if anything came up.
 However, in a subsequent discussion on June 30, their dialogue had changed, and he now called her ‘baby.’ Take a look at his tweet below:


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