Regain Deleted Photos, Videos and Files Easily with [Top 4 Apps For Data Recovery


1. App Dumpster

Mistakenly you deleted a photo or file from your smartphone and want it back, app Dumpster works as Recycle Bin that you utilize in your Windows Pc.

App Dumpster will maintain files infinite till you manually eliminate them, or you can set the app dumpster to erase the file after a certain time. App dumpster can only regain files deleted after you install it, not those deleted before you got Dumpster.


2. Recuva

The importance of Recuva is that it is exclusively free to use. The main issue is that it can only be used to regain lost files from SD cards only, it cannot recover files in the device’s innermost or internal storage.

3. Undeleter

Undeleter is only helpful if your mobile device is rooted. It is extremely simple to use, all you expect to do is install the requisition of the app on your device and then assign or select whether you need it to recover data from the inner memory or the SD card.


One of the best data recovery app for Android is Diskdigger, it can regain or undelete lost data like images from your mobile. You can recover missing data from inner storage as well as from memory or SD card. There is no condition of rooting your smartphone before utilizing DiskDigger without rooting, disk digger will perform a scan.

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