“See my boyfriend” – Pretty lady shows off her lover who sells foodstuffs, tackles yahoo boys (Video)


Online commotion has been caused by a Nigerian woman who brags about her lover and the work he performs for a profession.

Caro, the attractive woman, stated that her spouse had previously worked selling bean cakes (also known as Akara) and frying them for a living before switching to food sales.

After paying him a visit at work, she recorded a selfie video and posted it to her social media accounts.



Caro was proud of her husband and praised him for his work ethic while putting down Yahoo lads who make a career by performing dishonest labor.


She continued by saying that her husband uses the honest money he receives from selling groceries to fund her career as a content creator.


View the comments that follow her post:

“This work has made me love you so much,” pirrhenry stated. Your partner really is fortunate. I hope the best for you all.

“My sister they job dey shera am everybody no fit do the same thing if we all do Yahoo who go sell food?” said Fearlessking in response. I can never sell food, as a Yahoo boy.

In his letter, Vincent said, “After supporting ur life next year, u jam man wit Benz den u go forget ur foodstuffs bf.”

According to OfficialIkechi, “Awwwn! Una receives one carton of indomie that she will not be using.

view the video below:

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