Sola Sobowale explains why she left Nigeria and took menial jobs in the United Kingdom.

Sola Sobowale
Sola Sobowale

Shola Shobowale, a seasoned Nollywood actress, has explained why she left Nigeria, Nollywood, and her stardom years ago.
Many rumors about what Sola had purportedly become abroad surfaced while she was away from the spotlight and the screen; in fact, some media outlets said that she had been decapitated in Saudi Arabia for drug trafficking. When the actress who starred in “Wedding Party” visited Nigeria in 2011, she promptly refuted the rumor.
Sola Sobowale, who was in tears as she spoke about why she left Nigeria and the kinds of work she was doing, said she left because of her children and urged other parents and potential parents to be prepared to accept full responsibility for their children.
She said, “I left the beaches of Nigeria with a purpose, a purpose for leaving the shores of Nigeria. Children are not requested to be born, therefore the moment you decide to become a parent, you must be prepared to assume complete responsibility for those lovely beings.
You didn’t bring them into the world to make them suffer or to have someone else take care of them, you said.
The talented actress explained why she was forced to remain in England, saying,
She believed that everyone who had children needed to be prepared to raise them properly and not rely on others to do it.
She said that the only legacy you can leave your children is education, and I am aware of what she meant by that. I am familiar with the selection process because I married an HR professional. Therefore, I’ve made the decision that my kids will either attend UI, Unilag, or OAU, Ife. But I made the decision that my children should leave Nigeria due to the ASUU’s ongoing strike action. I relocated my children from Nigeria to London for that reason.
The 56-year-old actress continued, “I didn’t move because I was moving my kids to England; I moved because I needed to be there for them and be their leader.”
She claimed, “I brought them to England, placed them in school, watched over them, but after visiting them a month later, I realized they weren’t the same kids that I brought [to England], the motherly touch was gone. I responded, “To your tent, Oh Israel; forget stardom; I am here with my children.” I left Nigeria for that reason, therefore, She outlined the causes, saying, “The reason I left Nigeria was to mentor my children, make them into adults, leave a legacy for them, and to nurture and look after them. I left for that reason.


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