“They all propose to me” – Man marries triplet sisters on the same day


A 32-year-old man from Congo, known as Luwizo, recently exchanged vows with a
set of triplet sisters, and their wedding photos have been circulating online.


During an interview with Afrimax, Luwizo shared the story of how he connected
with one of the triplets named Natalie on Facebook, and their bond grew
stronger over time. When he finally met Natalie in person, he was astonished
to discover that she had two identical sisters, Nadege and Natasha.

Luwizo expressed his disbelief, stating, “I was so surprised, I almost
fainted. It feels like I’m dreaming! Seeing the person I love replicated
threefold.” Given the inseparable nature of the triplets, they made the
decision to marry the same man.

When asked about how they navigated this unique situation, one of the triplets
responded, “When we informed him that he would have to marry all three of us,
he was initially shocked, but he eventually agreed.”

Unfortunately, Luwizo’s parents did not approve of this union and chose not to
attend the wedding ceremony. Nevertheless, this did not deter him from
embracing his chosen path forward. 

He expressed, “It often requires letting go of something to embrace something
new. Additionally, each person has their own unique preferences and approach
to life. Therefore, I am genuinely content with my decision to marry the
triplets, regardless of others’ opinions. My parents strongly disapproved of
my choice, which is why they did not attend the wedding. However, I firmly
believe that love knows no boundaries.”

The post generated a significant response, as numerous commenters flocked to
the comment section to express their thoughts.

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