Toyin Abraham’s husband, Kolawole tells her as they argue over breakfast, days after he distanced himself from her political activity

Kolawole Ajeyemi, a Nigerian actor, and his wife Toyin Abraham had a lighthearted quarrel over breakfast.
Toyin Abraham is heard informing her husband in the video Kolawole uploaded that he always had breakfast alone.
Toyin’s argument was pointless in the eyes of Kolawole Ajeyemi, who engaged her in a back-and-forth discussion over her assertions while accusing her of being impatient.
They engaged in a brief period of fun argumentation before both of them started giggling.
This occurs after Kolawole Ajeyemi cut ties with his wife’s political activity a few days prior.
The video of the couple’s humorous disagreement amused fans of the duo, who posted supportive comments under the post, many of whom expressed their love for the couple.
One fan wrote, ” I can see now that she has listened to you. Nothing like Asiwajubaby on her page. I appreciate that, just because of her name and fans. Thou she’s entitled to her candidate but she should understand more better why people are so angry with this particular political party. All those little celebrities have nothing to lose, how many of them they carry film go cinema?? May we not lose our career. Love you both ❤️❤️❤️🔥”
Watch below:


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