Wisdom nuggets for saviors part 1 By – Emmy Toye

Wisdom nuggets for saviors – Emmy Toye

Everyone desires to be at the top. Good vibes rit’? 

We all admire those at the top. But the question is, how many are willing to pay the price for the top.

Every position a man attains in life comes with a price tag. The gift of a man will bring him before greatness, but the gifted also must learn and understand the culture of greatness. (mentioned in one of my post in 2020).

Getting to the top is one thing, remaining at the top is everything, You want to laugh out loud at every funny thing, then you remember you’re at the top. 


See[ Gospel Music ] EBI JOSEPH – I Am

You want to sit down with your friends and gist while that event is going on, but then you’re at the top. 

You feel like eating all that is served on the table, but you’re at the top. 

You feel like eating roasted corn while walking in the street, but the top.

You want to attend every birthday party and departmental hangout, but the top.

You want to post that picture only you admire on your phone, but the top.

You want to press your phone because you’re bored at that meeting. But the top. 

    You even want to show your excitement and take a selfie with that celebrity/public figure crush you think you’re privileged to sit next to. But you’re at the top.” getting to the top is one thing, remaining at the top is everything”

To be great, we must first learn the character of greatness. and knowing the difference between humility and low self-esteem Difference between Pride and self-worth.

Choice of words( how to address a friend, prince, how to talk to a king), Understanding royalty, Having good manners, Dressing right for every occasion.

Look at this. David was recommended to king Saul as a private and personal music therapist. Which gave him access to the palace and the king himself. But I hope you know David who later became King David was not just taking selfies at every angle and corner of the palace. Neither was he taking selfies with the chiefs in the palace. Doing “guess who I met today” lol.  

I’m taking it personally rit, yeah. (I love selfies too though) but while it’s good to take selfies, it’s also wise not to misuse opportunities.

He was busy learning the life of the palace, how to approach the king. How to dine with kings and so on…

Let me drop this pen here for today. Abi I should continue?

If saviors must rise, then it must be on the strength of preparation, adaptation, and transformation.

Learning and understanding the culture of greatness. This is 2021, grow deliberately saviors!

Picture_mode: Me seating like a groom waiting for his bride.😊 

Credit: Emmy Toye 




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