“You will be advertising a product you don’t use” – Fans drag Mo-Bimpe for advertising a wealth bracelet. She replied



Lateef Adedimeji’s wife recently expressed her excitement on social media regarding a wealth bracelet she had discovered. Her post read, “Who doesn’t want wealth and abundance? Everyone does! I found this wealth bracelet from @tonzy_secret, and it’s a sign that you should get one too. Experience the flow of wealth by getting yours today. Don’t miss out!”


However, some of her followers were not pleased with her endorsement, accusing her of promoting a product she didn’t personally use. One fan commented, “You influential people always advertise products you don’t use. God help us, please.” Another fan wrote, “If this bracelet brings wealth, why are they selling it? Why don’t they share it with their extended family so that everyone knows them as the wealthy family? No need to work; wealth will come. Is this what Oyetola bought?”

In response to one of the fan comments, Mo-Bimpe replied, “@bellotoheeb185, she’s consistently leaving negative comments on all posts. You’ll be fine, dear @benfictanwaeze.”

Here’s the exchange below:


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