Young lady who gave birth to first child at 14 shares her story



A 13-year-old girl who was molested and impregnated has explained why she
chose to keep the baby despite her age and the risks involved.


She stated that she does not believe in abortions and that what is meant to be
is meant to be. She shared a video of herself during her pregnancy as well as
a photo of herself and her now-grown child.

She wrote in the video:

“How come you kept a baby at 14 years old? “I believe it was meant to be.”

Netizens praised her bravery, and empressrealtors shared her story in the
comments, saying:

“Our story is similar, mine happened when I was 16 years old, now I will be 34
and my bundle of joy will be 18 years old, it has not been an easy journey but
God has been faithful with the support of my mother and sister”


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