“You’re Not The Woman My Parents Want For Me” – Woman Cries Out After Boyfriend of Four Years Introduced Her As a Friend


A lady has been left emotionally traumatized after her boyfriend of 4 years introduced her to his parents as a lover.

 According to snapshots of a conversation shared by a Twitter user, @ChuksNoble4, the woman might be seen expressing her annoyance over the way she was introduced to her boyfriend’s parents.

 The 26 years wife in question is looking to calm down in marriage soon with a person named Miracle whom she has been dating for four years.


 Miracle, however, had introduced her to his parents as his colleague from work instead of his girlfriend because he’s frightened of his parent’s thoughts of the lady’s tribe.

 The lady remains to find it difficult to know how the boyfriend could have done such a thing to her after dating for four years.

 See the chat as posted by Chuks on Twitter:

"You're not the girlfriend my parents want for me" pic.twitter.com/a58LiWbEN7

— Mr Aristócrata 🍸 (@ChuksNoble4) December 3, 2020


— Mr Aristócrata 🍸 (@ChuksNoble4) December 3, 2020


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